Most developers find testing boring and a pain to write, but you know what? It takes great skill and experience to know how to write meaningful and maintainable tests. The knowledge that you gain from learning how to test your code will also change the way you write code in development. This article should help you get started on your journey of testing.

Guidelines For Better Testing

These are some of the guidelines I learned after researching how other developers are testing their code. Following these guidelines made it easier for me to write and maintain tests throughout the codebase.

To understand why this…

How to structure your react project for better scalability & maintainability

Structuring Your Project Is Like Playing Jenga :P


It’s been three months since i started working with React Native, and before that i had been working with React for over a year. I remember when i was starting out with my first React Native project that i didn’t want to repeat the same mistakes i did with my previous React project.

The previous project was not following a strict folder structure from the get-go and when one team member took some decision regarding the folder structure, the rest of the team was not informed. This lead to chaos and rewrites that could have been easily avoided.

This article…

Kartik Sharma

Product Engineer at SQUAD | React Developer

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